SEAO Speakers Bureau

Knowledgeable SEAO speakers are available to talk to your group, organization or community. To request a speaker, please send us an e-mail with the specifics of your request, and someone will contact you.

Our current speakers are listed below.

Robert Lattimer, Ph.D.

Robert Lattimer is a Ph.D. research scientist (physical/analytical chemist) in private industry. He is a member and past Chairman and Councilor of the Akron Section, American Chemical Society. Dr. Lattimer is a member and past Vice President of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry. He is former Editor of the international Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, and is former Associate Editor of the journal Rubber Chemistry and Technology. He is a past Chairman of the Gordon Research Conference on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. Dr. Lattimer is author of about 100 technical articles in his field, and is Editor of the book Mass Spectrometry of Polymers (2002). He is a frequent speaker at national and international scientific conferences.

Dr. Lattimer is a member of the Ohio Science Writing Team, the State Board of Eagle Forum of Ohio, and the Board of Trustees of a private K-6 school. Bob has been an advocate for education issues for a number of years in Ohio, and he has studied the issue of origins over an extended period of time. As a member of the committee that is writing the new standards, Bob has a firsthand knowledge of the process. In his PowerPoint presentation, Bob discusses the process of developing standards, the nature of the debate over evolution and design, definitions of science, and the "teach the controversy" approach to origins instruction.

Jody F. Sjogren, MS, CMI

Jody F. Sjogren has an undergraduate degree in Zoology from Colorado State University and a masters degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia. After working in an academic department and medical illustration unit at Ohio State University, she started an independent business providing medical and aviation art in 1981. She has created artwork for medical publishing companies, medical and dental product companies, physicians, and law firms. Collectors of her aviation artwork include many clients from the aerospace industry, the United States armed services, and NASA. Her aviation paintings and prints are displayed in the Air Force Art Collection, in corporate offices, private collections, and public buildings worldwide and on IDnet's website. Her interest in origins and design theory grew out of her study of the analogies between living systems and man-made machines, as well as her professional career as an illustrator of biological and mechanical structures. From an examination of their structural and functional characteristics, she observes that living organisms appear to be the product of intelligence rather than unguided natural processes. Ms. Sjogren provided the illustrations for the recently published book: " Icons of Evolution: Why Much of What we Teach about  Evolution is Wrong, by Jonathan Wells, Ph.D., a cell and molecular biologist.  Ms. Sjogren is a founder and Managing Director of the Intelligent Design Network in Kansas City. She is a certified member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and an artist fellow of the American Society of Aviation Artists. Jody lives in the Columbus area.

Walter L. Starkey, Ph.D.

Prof. Starkey received the Ph.D. degree from The Ohio State University in l949. He then served as a mechanical engineering professor at Ohio State for about 32 years. Then he retired from active teaching and served as an expert witness in several hundred law cases, all involving machines. In l971 he received the Machine Design Award, which is the equivalent in his field to the Nobel Prize. In l996 he was given the prestigious Distinguished Alumnus Award by The Ohio State University. In addition to being a professor and an expert witness, Dr. Starkey has studied the issue of evolution, creation, and intelligent design for the past 60 years. Recently he has spent most of his time doing research and writing in this field. He has recently become the author of a book on intelligent design entitled The Cambrian Explosion. In this book Dr. Starkey, who is a professional machine designer, asserts that animals are machines, and he then analyzes animals and comes to the conclusion that they must have been created by some intelligent designer. The book also analyzes such related topics as mutations, genetic variation, adaptation, and fossils. This book can be obtained by calling 877-WHO-MADE, 614-323-3512, or 614-889-1334. Dr. Starkey lives with his wife, Bonna, near Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Starkey frequently makes illustrated talks on the subject of his book and intelligent design. These talks are enhanced by the use of numerous PowerPoint-projected slides, which are usually portrayed at the rate of one per minute. The material covered includes many engineering, scientific, legal and mathematical analyses, on the subject of evolution-vs.-intelligent design, all presented to be easily understood by high-school-level students, and, the presentations always include a generous portion of humor. Talks can be designed to be of any length, from 15 minutes to two hours.


Douglas Rudy

Douglas Rudy has a Bachelor's degree in English Education from Ohio State. He is a professional software developer and musician, is married with three children, and lives in Westerville. Doug has studied the interface between science and philosophy for a number of years, and he lectures frequently on the topic. He teaches a course on the topic of science and Christianity.

In his PowerPoint presentation, Mr. Rudy addresses the question of whether intelligent design is science or religion. The opinions on intelligent design vary widely. Is it, as many allege, simply a Trojan horse, a vehicle to be used by those who wish to inject their own religious beliefs into the science classroom? Or does it, as its proponents claim, provide a much-needed, thoroughly scientific alternative to the Darwinistic explanation for life's origin and complexity? The talk can be tailored in length and emphasis from 20-40 minutes.






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